Every milestone event of the project put as a timeline along its duration.


Mar. 2020

Project Funded by SNSF!

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has officially granted full funding to the Neuramod project for a period of 48 months. Under both Divisions 1-2 (Humanities & Social Sciences / Mathematics, Natural & Engineering Sciences), the project has been selected among 245 related applications to start in 2021


Feb. 2021

Neuramod has begun

Hosted at the Chair of Digital Architectonics (Prof. Dr. Hovestadt, fka. CAAD) within the Institute of Technology for Architecture (ITA) and the Department of Architecture (D-ARCH) of ETH Zürich, the project will focus on the prototyping and development of new modeling technologies with neural potentials. It will run until 2024


Oct. 2021

Phase 1 launched

After careful design and preparations, the first phase of our BCI experiments has been reviewed by the Ethics Committee and granted green light. An initial sample of the population involved in the activity sector of the built environment will participate in data acquisition sessions, with the support of the Neurolab and the COG Chair of D-GESS ETH